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P1010370making a splash in th kitchenwe dont walk ...we fly !grinding on the kitchen tapchecking out the viewhangin ten comando stylethe half pipe .heheheMe and the cuties .June 2009 


I wanted to show everyone what kind of accommodation my cuties have , I dont like putting my budgies into a cage , I hate the concept of them hurting their wings and feet on the bars so I thought up a better solution and they just love it ! 








Many of you have written to me asking if I train only baby budgies ? the answer is no . I have often visited my local pet store or weekend market where I have purchased one of the older overlooked budgies ,I feel they deserve a little bit of paradise here on earth after serving most of their lives in tiny cages I feel a sense of great privilege to become there adoptive parent ,Take Harry for example who’s ( pictured below ) , he was dumped in a cage outside a vet door missing a toe and in very poor health maybe the owner did not know what else to do with him ? ,who know’s the circumstances or reasons he was just abandoned ? , I don’t know how old he is he seems wise but what I do know is he is incredibly funny , Smart , Beautiful , Sensitive and at this point he’s Micks best friend (  pictured below ) ,they are inseparable and they both enjoy learning new tricks together , you never can tell what your pet bird will be like in personality ,but you can  be assured with respect and gentle handling you will make a true friend . The first thing I do during a period of initiation is give them vitamins , greens , and an introduction to my leafy rainforest / bathroom where they fly free during their shower periods .

Next step is spending a few weeks allowing them to acquaint themselves with my apartment so that they avoid any injuries when flying free . Sometimes budgies can become confused if they are unfamiliar with their environment and they can injure themselves by flying into random objects or window panes . And I make a great effort to prevent these events  from occuring

During this process I can also  observe my new feathered friends preference’s in whom she /he chooses as friends in the flock they have very definite preferences in this area as I have discovered time and time again ,once friends are chosen the alliances are not broken and it is at this point I will pair them up together to learn tricks in groups and teams . I once purchased a pair of sisters after observing them for an hour or two for this very reason  . I also felt my heart strings tugging at the thought of them being purchased separately and I am so glad I did as they are as thick as thieves and ever devoted to each other it’s amazing

Harry and Mick  -Yellow & green ( pictured )  learning a trick together & ( pictured ) Mick & Harry  doing random tricks on work benches around my apartment pictured with me in the backround

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I will be releasing a full length DVD series  on how to train your budgies to skateboard shortly…

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 PPS I love this picture below i’ts my fav…


 I have a deep faith in God and since my early childhood I have had a special favortism for St Micheal the Archangel too 🙂  makes sense why I am working with winged creatures destiny somehow..( smile )



LETTERS & Friends of Skatebirds



Eliane Cunha
Editora Chefe
DPD-ESC – Departamento de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento – Escritores
((21) 3982-5024 – (21) 3982-5000 – R: 2337

Hi, Trieste,

We are really glad you liked the book. You were really a sweetheart to have trusted us and we were eager to get to know your impressions on our material. We are sure the students will love to read about you and your birds.

It will be fantastic if we can count on you to have more materials on your work in our next books. We are now working on three new projects: books that teach English from 6th to 9th grades in private schools, and books that teach English to students in intermediate and advanced levels. We will browse your website constantly in search of material that matches the contents of our new books and will get in touch with you, OK?

 Have a wonderful week!

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Another Education facility acknowledgment

Dear Trieste 

Thank you so much for giving permission to use your wonderful photograph.  I am sending you a copy of the booklet as requested.   this booklet is to be used as a free booklet for the grade one students in School District #22, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. 

Thanks again,

Lynda Henney

District Resource Teacher SD #22 Vernon  British Columbia ,September 2009 

Who used my photo in her teachers booklet 

This booklet was produced for educational purposes only and is not for sale.  Permission granted for use in School District #22. 

Lynda Henney 

District Resource Teacher 

SD #22 Vernon 

British Columbia  -September 2009