P1010370making a splash in th kitchenwe dont walk ...we fly !grinding on the kitchen tapchecking out the viewhangin ten comando stylethe half pipe .heheheMe and the cuties .June 2009 


I wanted to show everyone what kind of accommodation my cuties have , I dont like putting my budgies into a cage , I hate the concept of them hurting their wings and feet on the bars so I thought up a better solution and they just love it ! 




  1. jo says:

    Hi, my family met you on the train you were going to pick up your birds from a photo shoot, on saturday 19th june, just wanted to let you know we checked out your website and think you birds are really cleaver!
    thanks for chatting with us on the train and telling us about the coconut oil for guinea pigs i will remmber for next time one gets sick , hopefully never, any way thanks again and good luck with sweet little budgies, we will keep an eye out for any new tricks!

  2. fadi and diala says:

    hi we love your ideas can you please post more videos on how to train them p.s how many birds do you have

  3. Kathy Liz says:

    Hi there, can you please tell me where you got that adorable bath/shower?? I’ve been googling all over for something like it, my lovebird would love something like that!! His little bath now is too small…thanks!

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