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Posted: June 18, 2009 in Uncategorized


 ( pictured ) Boo- Boo ( aka ) Betty having an intermittent head massage between photo shoots cute !

 Did you know ?  Birds produce new neurons when they are stimulated from learning a new song or other…

( Article  ) National Geographic Magazine

In the chirps and twitters of these pocketsized birds Fernando Nottebohm heard the anthem of brain science revolution. The Rockefeller University biologist discovered that adult canaries do something a century of neuroscience dogma declared impossible : they generate new neurons to replace lost brain cells . Replacement peaks during peak memory load –when birds learn new songs, find new food sources, or meet new social partners . Other researchers have extended Nottebohm’s findings,confirming that mammals including humans also make new neurons. “with luck and much effort “, Nottebohm says,”the simple insight I got from studying how birds learn their songs will help us find the means to repair broken brains “.

 Trieste Visier say’s : There is so much to be learnt from animals they don’t just provide us with unconditional love , friendship , and joy they hold the answer to many important questions some of which have not yet even been raised into question.

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